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The easiest, Fastest and free way to make a Halloween Greeting Card by yourself

Don’t worry, Even you are a fresh man, you can use it to make your own Halloween Greeting Card.

  1. Click the  to download the free Photo Card Maker, and you will see the follow one on your desktop. Or you can go to to download it.


2. Click the exe file, follow the next – next -next to install the free card editor.2

3. When you finish the installation, the Photo Card Maker will auto open


4. Here we click “Template”


there are very few templates to choose, don’t say that you need the Halloween card template. Don’t worry, you can go to the templates page to download more as you need.


5. Now import the downloaded Halloween templates to the Photo Card Maker.


6. Choose one template you like to make your own Halloween Greeting Card. And click “Photo” to import the photo so as to make the Greeting Card with your own mark.


7. You can still edit the text, or rewrite what you like to say.


8. Click Save, now you can get one your own Halloween greeting card, you can send it to your friends by email or print it out as you like.


So easy, why not take a try by yourself.

Fast Guide to make unique ringtone for your iPhone

iPhone is so popular, and there are many ringtones for iPhone, have you ever thought of making unique one by yourself?

Macsome Audio Editor ( can produce the ringtone for iPhone by one-click and crop audio, fade in or fade out audio, delete/ copy/ cut/ paste the selected fragment to make the unique ringtone for your iPhone. Only make sure that the time of fragment is not more than 40 seconds, and you can keep your favorite clips and efficient generation m4r unique iPhone ring tones.

Please follow the next step-by-step guide to make your own ringtone for iPhone.

Step 1: Select audio region

Make sure the time of fragment is less than 40 seconds at first.

1. Play one audio file firstly, then click the StartSel button to start the selection. You can also click the StartSel button to restart the selection during the playing at any time.

2. Click the EndSel button to set the end of region selection. And you can pause or stop the playing to end of region selection.

Step 2: Crop audio

Click the Crop button, the selected fragment will be added to the program as a new file.

Step 3: Delete audio

Click Delete button to remove the selected part you do not want. Or you can also delete the part audio by right-click or the menu Edit.

you can copy/ cut/ paste the fragment to make audio free combination by right-click menu.

Step 4: Fade in/ fade out audio

Select a fragment of the audio that is not pasted and click the FadeIn button to make the volume of sound is gradually increasedfrom zero.

Andclick the FadeOut button to make the volume of sound gradually decreas to zero.

Step 4:Create ring tones

With the edited audio, click the Ringtones button to produce the unique ringtones for your iPhone. The m4r ring tones can be saved automatically on desktop. When the time of fragment is more than 40 seconds, the tips window will pops up.

Macsome Audio Editor can also save the entire audio as the iPhone ringtones with no editing when the time of audio is not more than 40 seconds. It is easy and efficient to keep your favorite audio clips and generate your unique iPhone ring tones.

Want to know more functions of Macsome Audio Editor, view