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How to cut your MP3 files on Mac

There may be some cases you need only some one clips of the MP3 file, or the MP3 file is too big, or you want to split or cut the MP3 to several segments, the Free Audio Splitter is very helpful and useful.

With Macsome Audio Splitter, cutting MP3 into small audio pieces is just a few mouse clicks away. The following will show you how to do with the problem easily and quickly.

Step1. Download Free Macsome Audio Splitter, install and run it.

Step2. Select audio files for cutting.

Press Add button to add Audio files which need cutting to the file list of Macsome Audio Splitter.

add audios to split

Step3. Press Split to start cutting.

Select one added the music files, and then click the button Split. And a settings window will pop up immediately when your press Split button.

1. Here you need to choose a way to split audio files by time or by parts.

2. Choose a destination folder to save your splited the audio files’ segments, or save the segments to the default documents – AudioSplitter.

Options to split audios

When finish all the settings, press OK button on the settings window, and Macsome Audio Splitter starts cutting MP3 files in a second.

Step4. Find output splited MP3 files and edit their ID tags as you wish.

Start the splitting

When it is finished, select a MP3 segment on the file list, right click your mouse and from the context menu choose Show in Finder to retrieve the splited MP3 segment.

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How to free split MP3 Audiobooks to several clips on Mac

4Sometimes you may have some audiobooks are MP3 formats, but the whole file is so long up to 4-5h per file. However MP3 audiobooks don’t keep the chapter info.

If you want to find the exact place which you listen to the last time, it is very difficult. Have you ever thought of splitting the big MP3 books to some small clips, so you can listen to them one by one.


First of all, if we want to split MP3 audios, we need a free audio splitter to help us, here we use Macsome Audio Splitter ( to split big audio files in unprotected MP3 or AAC file format to multiple smaller pieces in a few seconds. on Mac.

audio-splitterStep 1. Click the download link url to free download the free   MP3 splitter, install and run it.

Step 2. Click the Add button, select the files to add in the new window and then click the Open button to add.

Step 3. Click Split button to customize the splitting settings.

Audio Splitter provides users 3 methods to split the audio files.

Method 1: The default option is splitting by the duration with the input seconds value.

Method 2: Split by the numbers of segments, the default value is 1.

Method 3: Split according to the starting and ending time by the input second value or click “+” button to increase the number of interception and click “-” button to delete the excess ones.

Step 4. Click the Output drop-down list and select Custom to customize the output path. You can also use the default path ~/ Documents/ Audio Splitter.

Step 5. Now click OK button to start the unbelievably fast splitting. Audio Splitter can split the files to multiple smaller pieces in a few seconds.

Now you can fast find the original or generated audio by right-click Show in Finder. And now you can enjoy the split MP3 books as you like.

Macsome AudioSplitter could only split unprotected MP3 or AAC files. If you want to split audio book files you purchased, such as Audile AA files, you may need to try our Audiobook Converter


How to crop audio with Audio Editor for free

Description: Macsome Audio Editor is a free and simple audio editor, which can help you crop audio with one button. With it, you can also remove or paste segments, or just Fade in or Fade out an audio.

Depending on a plenty of music resources on your Mac, you would like to get the special parts and make them as ringtones for your iPhone, or remove the boring passages. So you must want to get a program to edit music. However, most pro-level digital audio workstations are not only expensive and also not easy to handle for novices. Check out the similar audio editor programs, Macsome Audio Editor is one of the most pro and casual audio editing freeware, which anyone can use on the market.

There are so many reasons to recommend Macsome Audio Editor to you. Macsome Audio Editor is a free and simple audio editor. You can crop audio with one button, remove or paste segments, or just Fade in or Fade out an audio. In a word, Macsome Audio Editor can help you edit unprotected MP3 or AAC on Mac easily and quickly without spending a penny.

Step 1: Add an audio

You can add a MP3 audio file by clicking the Open Audio button or drag the audio file to the list.

Step 2: Select a range

Play audio firstly, then click the StartSel button to start the selection. And click the EndSel button to set the end of region selection. Or you can drag the mouse to select the range directly.

Step3: Crop the audio

After the range is selected, click the Crop button and show the cropped audio in a new waveform with removing everything on both sides.

Step 4: Edit the audio

With the cropped audio, you can also edit audio. Deleting the silence pieces, fading in or fading out the beginning and end.

Step 5: Save the audio

After the editing, click the Save File button to open the save settings window.

You will find Macsome Audio Editor can help you modify the file format of your file, their bit rate, frequency, etc. It can save MP3 or AAC files to the MP3, AAC, WAV, CAF, M4A or M4R formats. After the file saved, you will find the edited file in the output path.

All the standard functionality of Macsome Audio Editor can also provide you with an easy way to create a ringtone for your iPhone. Read more to visit the website: