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How to Create DJ music with Apple Music clips

When you wan to create various DJ music, the music source is very important? Have you ever think of adding Apple Music clips to mix your DJ music? In the following we will tell you how.

Even you have subscribed Apple Music and download them, you may find that you can’t transfer them freely as you wish. In order to import Apple Music to DJ program, we need to try to free Apple Music and then add them to DJ program. We take Virtual DJ for example.

Here recommend Macsome Apple Music Converter to help you to record  from Apple Music songs and convert to MP3, M4A, M4B, FLAC and WAV and so on with fast conversion speed and high output quality.

Fast Guide to delete DRM from Apple Music to mix with Virtual DJ

To convert Apple Music songs well, users need to free download Macsome iTunes Converter at first.

Windows Version Download

Mac Version Download

Step 1, After you download the program, double click to install the trial version of Apple Music Converter on your PC, and then run it.

User Interface

Step 2, click the Add button and select the audio files you want to convert from iTunes library.

Add Downloaded Apple Music

After you choose the music files you would like to convert, click “OK”, and then all the audio tracks files you selected would be listed on the main window.

Step 3, Set the output format by clicking the Setting icon, here we choose MP3 format. After iTunes Converter V3.0.0, the default conversion speed is super fast. There is no need to set the conversion speed.

Set MP3 as the output format

Step 4, click the Convert button to start converting.

Convert M4P to MP3

After the conversion, you get the unprotected MP3 music files from protected Apple Music files. And all the DRM limitations have been removed from Apple Music files. And all the converted Apple Music files on your PC are well organized in your media folder.

Step 5: Add the converted DRM-free Apple Music songs to Virtual DJ

Now you can Launch Virtual DJ on your PC or Mac, and add the converted Apple Music by clicking Local Music icon, or you can drag & drop the local music to Virtual DJ to mix your own music or video.

All the process is very simple, even you are a new user, you can easily use the program to convert your audio files quickly. Why not free download it and take a try.

Apple Music launches a public beta on the web

Apple Music is coming to the web. Yes, you can use the web Apple Music like Spotify web.


Apple today is launching a public beta of its popular music streaming service on the web, which will be available to all Apple Music subscribers worldwide. This is the first time that Apple Music has been officially offered on the web, though an unofficial app over the past few months has gained attention after attracting hundreds of thousands of users.

Clearly, there was some pent-up demand for a web version of the service.

To use the new Apple Music web version, subscribers can visit the link and sign in with their Apple ID.

At launch, the service includes many core features, like searching and playing songs from the Apple Music catalog, searching and playing songs from your library (if Sync Library is enabled), accessing your playlists and more.

All the main sections from the Apple Music app will also be available, including Library, Search, For You, Browse and Radio. Other features will roll out over time as the service is further developed.

During the beta testing period, Apple will be soliciting feedback from customers as it works on the product to help it streamline features and squash any bugs.

At a later date, new users will be able to sign up for Apple Music through the website. But for the time being, you’ll need to be an existing subscriber who signed up elsewhere.

The web version is now one of several ways Apple is making its music service more accessible across platforms.

The service is already available as an app for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch and Mac. And at this year’s WWDC 2019 event, Apple announced its plans to dismantle iTunes on the Mac, making Music a standalone app with access to both downloads, library content and Apple Music’s streaming service.

Apple Music is also offered on non-Apple platforms, like Android, Windows, Sonos and Amazon Echo.

Cross-platform availability is essential in today’s streaming market, as Apple Music faces competition from Spotify, Pandora/SiriusXM, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and other local players.

At last count, Spotify had 108 million paying subscribers in the quarter ending in June and Apple Music topped 60 million subscribers in late June.

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Spotify Family Accounts are getting parental controls


Spotify has announced a new update for its Premium Family subscribers, adding a few new features. The update is now available in Ireland and is set to roll out in all markets where Spotify offers the Premium Family plan this fall.

The updated plan finally lets parents control the Explicit Content Filter setting of all accounts on their plan. Once parents turn on the filter, the sub-accounts will no longer be able to control the setting on their own.

You will be able to control the Explicit Content Filter from the Family Hub. The Family Hub can also be used to add or remove family members and keep your home address up to date.

Another new feature that Spotify has introduced is called Family Mix, which provides a personalized playlist with songs that your whole family can enjoy. You can also choose to “control who is in each session” to optimize the playlist.

Spotify’s Premium Family subscription gives families access to 450,000 podcast titles and over 50 million songs. While an individual Spotify Premium subscription costs $10 a month, the Family subscription provides six individual Spotify Premium accounts for $15 a month. However, the plan is only designed for family members living in the same location.

Top 5 Streaming Audio Or Video Downloader

Streaming is very popular. We like to listen to muisc on Apple Music or Spotify. We like to watch videos on Youtube or Netflix and so on.  Have you ever thought that maybe you can download them for offline playing.


In the following, we will show the top 5 Apple Music downloader, Spotify Downloader, Youtube video downloader, Amazon Music Downloader and Netflix Video Downloader tool. Of course you can find more choices from the similar programs.

Part 1 Audio Downloader Tools

This tool can help users download any Apple Music files,  and save to MP3, AAC, FLAC and WAV format with fast speed.

As you know only when you subcribe Spotify Premium plan, you can download them. Now even you are Spotify Free user, you can download the Spotify files or playlists with its help.

Part 2. Online Video Downloader

There are various online video downloader, they have the similar feature which has the specific functions. Here you go:

Free Download videos from 1000+ websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Veoh, Dailymotion, Free Video Converter to convert local videos and website videos.

Whether the movies or TV shos from iTunes Store, you can also use it to download them and then play them as you like.

Recently more and more videos are supported by Netflix, and that is why Netflix Video Downloader exist. It is one of  the best solution to help you enjoy Netflix movies & TV shows on any devices without spending internet traffic and without disrupting Netflix limitations.

With Netflix Video Downloader, you can enjoy Netflix movies and TV shows on iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets, TV and any other MP4 compatible devices as well.


YouTube Music adds new feature to better compete with Apple Music and Spotify

Great news for YouTube Music fans who love listening to the latest music, as the music service is getting an update that adds an important new feature. The newly added “Released” playlist of the hottest 50 songs is something that Apple Music and Spotify have offered for quite a while now.


Spotted by 9to5google, the information was confirmed by YouTube Music, so if you visit the Released link, you find a list of “the hottest 50 songs this week, served up fresh to you every Friday.”

If you open YouTube Music, you’ll notice the Released playlist is highlighted in the Home feed, which makes it easier to access. Of course, you can continue to use playlists for the top 100 songs and music videos from YouTube Charts if 50 of the hottest songs are not enough for you.

And, just like Apple Music and Spotify, the list is refreshed every Friday, so you’ll have access to new songs every week. You can even add the playlist to your library and download it for offline playback if you don’t have time.

YouTube Music’s Released playlist is a little nifty feature directly aimed at audiophiles who want to be up to date with the latest trends in the music industry. But it’s also meant to bring the service on the same level as the competition.

How to burn purchased Audiobook to CD

If you have purchased a lot of Audiobook files, how to backup them?

Maybe it is a wise choice to burn the Audiobook to CD.

However the whole purchased Audiobook files are DRM limited, and you can’t freely burn them to CD like unprotected audio files. To burn them successfully, you need to try to remove DRM from the purchased Audiobook  with Macsome iTunes Converter and then burn them to CD with iTunes/

1 Remove DRM from Audiobook with iTunes Music Converter

Step 1, free download the latest version of iTunes Audio Converter, install and run it.

Windows Version Download

Mac Version Download

Step 2. Add Audiobooks to iTunes Music Converter.

Add Audiobook to convert

Step 3. Click the setting icon to set the output format and output folder. If it is necessary, you can also reset the related audio parameters.

Preferences output Settings

Now the output formats include MP3, AAC, FLAC and WAV, For Audiobook Conversion, you can only convert AA to MP3 and AAX to M4A. There is no other output formats to choose at the moment.

Step 4. Click the “CONVERT” button to start your Audiobook conversion.

Converting AA to MP3

After the conversion, all the DRM has been removed from protected Audiobook files, and you can burn them to CD now.

Burn MP3 to CD on iTunes

Step 1, Open your iTunes.

Step 2, Create a playlist, and add the converted MP3 songs to the playlist you have created.

Users can simply drag and drop the songs you want in your burned CD over to the playlist you just created. When doing this, you’ll see a small green circle with a white plus sign on it.

Step 3, Insert a blank CD-R/CD-RW disc, waiting until the disc is recognized.

The disk should be visible on your desktop. This whole process shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds.

Step 4, Select “File” and then “Burn Playlist to Disc.”

Burn music to cd on iTunes

Step 5, Figure out the burn settings. Adjust it so that the playlist is burned as you desire. Select “Burn” when you are ready to make the CD. In the settings, you can control:

  • The speed with which your computer burns the data onto the disk. Generally, the faster the burn speed, the lower the sound integrity.
  • The gap, in seconds, between songs.
  • The disc format: Audio, Mp3, or DVD. Most burned CDs will want to select “Audio CD” as their format.

Step 6, Click “Burn” and wait for your computer to burn the information to the disc.

Apple is reportedly in talks to let Siri play Spotify tracks


As we all know that later days if we want to use Siri to control Spotify tracks we need to transfer Spotify playlist to Apple music or do some other settings, now maybe you can directly use Siri to control Spotify directly.

You wouldn’t think that Apple and Spotify’s relationship would be thawing out anytime soon, given that Spotify has lodged an antitrust complaintagainst its streaming rival in the EU. However, the two companies are reportedly discussing a plan to let iPhone users play Spotify songs, playlists and albums using Siri voice commands, according to The Information.

When it unveiled iOS 13, Apple opened up the possibility of Siri working with rival music services via new SiriKit updates. If Apple and Spotify can work something out, you’d be able to play Spotify tunes using Siri from an iPhone without the need to open the app. However, Apple Music would still be the default music service for Siri on Apple devices, according to The Information‘s sources.

As part of its antitrust complaint, Spotify put up a website listing the reasons it feels Apple isn’t behaving competitively. Its main gripe is the 15 to 30 percent fee Apple takes on Spotify’s subscription service from the App Store. It feels that by acting as a gatekeeper to services like Spotify, while also offering its own app, Apple is competing unfairly.

Spotify originally said that “Apple won’t allow us to be on HomePod and they definitely won’t let us connect with Siri to play your jams.” However, as The Information notes, it changed the wording, which now reads: “Only recently, Apple announced that it will let us connect with Siri to play your jams…but fails to mention our name (‘I want to play [X] on Spotify’) and your HomePod will default to Apple Music.”

Google’s Assistant and Amazon Alexa both work with Spotify, but Siri does not. Apple has used that fact to push its own Apple Music service, which has tight integration with Siri, HomePod and Apple TV (As of recent counts, Apple Music has over 60 million paid subscribers, while Spotify has north of 100 million premium users.) In any case, the news — which should be taken with a grain of salt — isn’t likely to derail Spotify’s anti-competition suit in the EU.

Source from The Information.