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Beats 1 is ‘the biggest radio station in the world or not


Last week, it was reported that Drake’s latest project was streamed 89.9 million times in its first 24 hours of availability on Apple Music, a number that bested Spotify by nearly 30 million despite Spotify’s larger user base.

Now, Apple Music executives Jimmy Iovine, Robert Kondrk, and Zane Lowe have sat down with The Verge to offer up more details on Apple’s work with Drake, as well as Beats 1 as a whole.

In its first week of availability on Apple Music, Drake’s “More Life” project was streamed 300 million times. That bests Drake’s previous album, “Views,” which also happened to be an Apple Music exclusive. “More Life,” however, was not an Apple Music exclusive, making it all the more notable that the project out-performed Views. Apple attributes the strong performance of Drake’s work on Apple Music to Beats 1.

Apple VP of apps and content Robert Kondrk and Apple Music head of content Larry Jackson explained to The Verge that Beats 1 has basically replaced SoundCloud for Drake. The rapper has gone from releasing singles through SoundCloud to debuting them through his weekly Beats 1 show, “OVO Sound Radio.”

Jackson says that Drake very much took a chance on Apple Music. “We weren’t a proven hit, we weren’t a proven entity at all, whatsoever,” he explained. Jimmy Iovine added that Apple has worked to build Beats 1 around what Drake wants and needs:

“We learned so much from just building what Drake needed,” Iovine added. “He had the idea, we kind of just built and supported around him, and we’ve learned a lot from that, and the entire industry has learned a lot from that.”

The Apple Music executives also offered up some information on Beats 1’s scope and reach. Iovine explained that the numbers he saw on Drake’s radio show were “TV numbers,” noting last weekend’s episode where “More Life” was debuted marked the most listened to Beats 1 show to date.

Furthermore, Larry Jackson stated that Beats 1 is the “biggest radio station in the world.” Jackson’s comment is notable as many have questioned the success of the always-on Beats 1 streaming platform as Apple has been reluctant to provide concrete listener data.

“It’s the biggest radio station in the world. There’s no way you’re going to find another station that has as many concurrent listeners and audience-wise as Beats 1, period,” Jackson said.

The full piece can be read on The Verge. The success of Beats 1 in streaming exclusive content is interesting and could potentially mark a different way for Apple to handle all of its exclusive content deals in the future, if it indeed is betting big on Beats 1. Read our roundup of what’s next for Beats 1 and Apple Music here.

About Beats 1

Beats 1 (often styled Beats1 or beats1) is a 24/7 music radio station owned and operated by Apple Inc. Apple bought audio equipment maker Beats Electronics in 2014, which included the ownership of Beats‘ former music service Beats Music, and made Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers responsible for the iTunes Radio service.

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Game of Thrones Stars Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams Are Headed to Carpool Karaoke

Stark girls Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are filming for Carpool Karaoke, the series.

"Game Of Thrones" The Exhibition New York Opening

The actresses are in Austin, Tex., for the 2017 SXSW Festival, and took to the official Carpool Karaoke Twitter account to announce they will be filming.

“Hey, Sophie and Maisie. Or Maisie and Sophie. And we’re at SXSW. and we’re about to do Carpool Karaoke for Apple Music,” the girls said in a video. Check it out below!

While at SXSW, Sophie and Maisie surprised some lucky fans at the HBO: The Escape exhibit.

And, while all eyes are on Sansa and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) to be the ones to initiate some House Stark Civil War Circa Season 7, is the way these two subtly pick at each other over who gets top billing in the episode preview might be a hint that we’re not done seeing the Stark girls feuding, too? Have they been saving Arya’s Nymeria wolf all this time for some hellish revenge moment when she’s reunited with her sister? Will Arya add Sansa to her list for almost marrying Joffrey? We kid. Or maybe not?

The new version of Carpool Karaoke is also expected to offer up a twist for viewers. Whereas James Corden was at the wheel in the first meme-able run on The Late, Late Show with James Corden, this time it’ll occasionally be pairs of celebrities who comb the streets by themselves, belting out tunes and firing off interview questions to one another. Turner and Williams are but two of the stars expected to rev their engine in the new 16-episode edition, but we can probably expect theirs to be more a family affair than others.

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Howto transfer downloaded Apple Music to iPod Nano

Later days earlier, Michael asked that he can download Apple Music to his iTunes, but he can’t sync them to his iPod Nano, why?

You can listen the millions of songs from Apple Music, and even download them so as to listen offline on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. But all the iTunes Apple Music are streaming, in other words, you can play and transfer the downloaded Apple Music files on iPod Nano and Shuffle. And said that Apple Music is not available on iPod nano and iPod shuffle.

Here we will talk how to make Apple Music available on iPod nano and iPod shuffle.

First you need to free download Apple Music Converter Mac Version and Windows Version on your computer.

You know, for the streaming music service – Apple Music with DRM limited, the whole Apple Music playlist can’t be transferred correctly. We need Apple Music converter to remove Apple Music’s DRM and convert to MP3, AAC, FLAC and other audio format, and then users can transfer converted local music files to iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle easily and quickly.

Second, Double click to install the Apple Music Converter, and run it. Here we take the Mac version for example.


Third, click the Add button, and then choose the downloaded Apple Music files to the filelist to convert.

And select the file you want to convert, click OK, and then all files you selected will be listed on the main window.

Moreover, click Setting button to set the output format and output path before the conversion as your need.


Finally, click the Convert button to start converting.


After the conversion, you can find the converted files through show in the Finder, and then use iTunes to sync the converted music files to your iPod Nano or Shuffle as you like.

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Apple Music’s latest advertisements highlight the best female & male British artists


Apple recently uploaded two new Apple Music advertisements to its U.K. YouTube channel. The ads shared were previously debuted during the Brit Awards last month and highlight the Best British Male and Best British Female award categories.

Both of the new advertisements are narrated by Apple Music’s U.K. head Julie Adenuga. The ads are fast paced, quickly switching between different artists. The ads also highlight specific Apple Music features such as Beats 1, curated playlists, and more. As is usually the case, Apple ends the ad by touting that you can try Apple Music for free for three months.

The best of British music, and beyond. 🏆✨ Press play on the BRITs with exclusive playlists, performances and more. Only on Apple Music.

Both of the new advertisements can be seen below. The pair of ads is soundtracked by One Bit vs Young Animal Hearts song “Outlier.” Let us know what you think of the new ads below.

View the video:

View the video:

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Apple Music’s latest exclusive – 808: The Movie


Apple was clear from the jump that it had bigger plans for its streaming service than just audio. Today, the Apple Music subscribers get an exclusive look a music-focused documentary: 808: The Movie. We first learned about the film that chronicles the history of the iconic 1980s drum machine back in 2014 and it was set to hit theaters last year. It debuted at SXSW in 2015, but had yet to see a wider release.

808: The Film is directed by Alexander Dunn with You Know Studios and Atlantic Records’ own Atlantic Films teaming up for the production. Narrated by Beats 1’s Zane Lowe, the film takes a deep dive into music history with commentary from Afrika Bambaataa, Beastie Boys, Questlove, Rick Rubin, Lil Jon, Diplo, Phil Collins and many others. As you might expect, there’s also a soundtrack on which some of those names make a second appearance. Both the film and its audio counterpart are streaming on Apple Music starting today.

If you’re not an Apple Music subscriber, the documentary is available for pre-order on iTunes for $17 and is slated to release on December 16th. Vinyl versions of the soundtrack and several other bundle options are also available from the Warner Music Store. For a brief look at what you can expect from the full-length film, watch the official trailer down below. Meanwhile, that Cash Money documentary that was supposed to stream on Apple Music this fall has yet to be released.

Can I play downloaded Apply Music on Spotify?

Someone asked: “Gave Apple Music a try. Made a few nice playlists. But the interface was driving me mad, so I’m back to Spotify (with open arms?). Is there an easy way to import my recent Apple Music playlists into Spotify playlists? Googling this seems to be just ideas on how to do the opposite. Maybe Spotify should have a easy import tool to go along with a “Come back to me” ad campaign?!?”

This can be explained how to transfer your Apple Music playlist to Spotify. You know that Apple Music and Spotify are totally different streaming services with different accounts.

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There is no way that you can sync or copy them from Apple Music to Spotify.

Here we can try the other way like downloading these music files from Apple Music, and converting them to MP3 or AAC, and then sync these converted Music files to your Spotify. And the problem gets solved.

You can follow the next step-by-step guide to finish the transferring from Apple Music to Spotify.

Step 1. Login your Apple ID, and download the music files from Apple Music.

Step 2. Free Download Macsome iTunes Converter, install and run it on your Mac.

Not only Mac version, the iTunes Converter also supports a Windows version for Windows users.

Step 3. On the user interface, click Add button to import the downloaded Apple Music files from Music library of iTunes.

Add Apple Music files

Step 4. Click the setting icon to set the output audio format and the output path.

Set output format

Step 5. Click Convert button and start conversion.

Converting Music

Step 6. Drag and drop the converted Music to Spotify.

Now you can play the primary Apple Music playlist on Spotify as you like.

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