Only $99 for Apple Music year subscription

Now Apple is offering a $99 gift card for a 12-month subscription to its streaming music service / Apple Music.

That is to say, primarily users need to pay $9.99 a month for an individual Apple Music subscription, if they purchased the gift card, this only costs users $8.25 per month. Totally this saves 18% a month.

And in the past time, $99 you can only get 10 month Apple Music subscription, now you get 12 month of streaming music. It is so affordable.

How to buy the gift card


You can purchase the gift card in Apple stores or online at Best Buy, Walmart or eBay. It’s notably absent from Apple’s online store.

Gift card of Apple link:

Buy Apple Music gift card via Best Buy:

Buy Apple Music gift card via Walmart:

Buy Apple Music gift card via eBay:


The deal arrives in time for the expected announcement of Apple’s new iPhone 7 on Wednesday and possibly some new headphones.

In addition, please make sure you give your local store a call before making the trek. Also, the special 12-month option cannot currently be purchased through subscription setting on iOS, even in the latest iOS 10 beta.

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