Good News for iTunes Converter Fans


Macsome Inc recently released a new iTunes Converter Version for Windows users – Macsome iTunes Converter for Win V1.3.0 on November 26, 2015. In other words, Windows users can also use the iTunes Converter to convert your iTunes audios, like iTunes Match Music, iTunes Music, Apple Music, Audiobook, purchased Audiobook to MP3 / AAX with CD output quality and excellent conversion speed.

What iTunes Converter for Win can do for you?
1. Convert any iTunes audio files
Any Audios on iTunes you can play them successfully, you can use the iTunes Converter to convert them. Even the purchased music files and purchased Audiobooks you can also use the iTunes Converter to remove the protections.
2. Convert iTunes Match Music to MP3
When you subscribe to or turn on iTunes Match, your device or computer will be associated with your Apple ID. Your Apple ID can have up to 10 devices and computers associated with it.
When you convert the iTunes Match Music to MP3, there is no devices account limitations any more. Please make sure that your iTunes Match Music need to be downloaded from the iCloud.
3. Convert any downloaded Apple Music to MP3
When you subscribe Apple Music, you enjoy your entire music library from all of your devices. But when you cancel the subscription, even you have downloaded the Apple Music files, you can’t play them any longer.
Don’t Worry, iTunes Converter for Win help you solve the problem to convert any downloaded Apple Music to unprotected MP3 / AAC or other audio format. And then you can play the converted Music without limitation as you like.
4. Convert unprotected and protected Audiobooks on iTunes
When you use iTunes to play the Audiobooks normally, you can also use iTunes Converter to convert the AA / AAX to MP3 / AAC audiobooks with fast conversion speed.
5. Split the big audio files
iTunes Converter for Win is also an audio splitter for Win. With it, you can split the converted Music files or Audiobooks to small clips by setting the time duration as you need. The Split function can only work on converted Audios.

Find more tutorials to iTunes Converter for Win, go to view:


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