Month: November 2014

How to crop audio with Audio Editor for free

Description: Macsome Audio Editor is a free and simple audio editor, which can help you crop audio with one button. With it, you can also remove or paste segments, or just Fade in or Fade out an audio.

Depending on a plenty of music resources on your Mac, you would like to get the special parts and make them as ringtones for your iPhone, or remove the boring passages. So you must want to get a program to edit music. However, most pro-level digital audio workstations are not only expensive and also not easy to handle for novices. Check out the similar audio editor programs, Macsome Audio Editor is one of the most pro and casual audio editing freeware, which anyone can use on the market.

There are so many reasons to recommend Macsome Audio Editor to you. Macsome Audio Editor is a free and simple audio editor. You can crop audio with one button, remove or paste segments, or just Fade in or Fade out an audio. In a word, Macsome Audio Editor can help you edit unprotected MP3 or AAC on Mac easily and quickly without spending a penny.

Step 1: Add an audio

You can add a MP3 audio file by clicking the Open Audio button or drag the audio file to the list.

Step 2: Select a range

Play audio firstly, then click the StartSel button to start the selection. And click the EndSel button to set the end of region selection. Or you can drag the mouse to select the range directly.

Step3: Crop the audio

After the range is selected, click the Crop button and show the cropped audio in a new waveform with removing everything on both sides.

Step 4: Edit the audio

With the cropped audio, you can also edit audio. Deleting the silence pieces, fading in or fading out the beginning and end.

Step 5: Save the audio

After the editing, click the Save File button to open the save settings window.

You will find Macsome Audio Editor can help you modify the file format of your file, their bit rate, frequency, etc. It can save MP3 or AAC files to the MP3, AAC, WAV, CAF, M4A or M4R formats. After the file saved, you will find the edited file in the output path.

All the standard functionality of Macsome Audio Editor can also provide you with an easy way to create a ringtone for your iPhone. Read more to visit the website:

How to get a music clip by Recording

Description: If the song can’t to be downloaded free, how to get a music clip? Maybe you need to choose a new and easy way by recording with Mascome Audio Recorder.

When a song has already been downloaded, you can get a music clip by splitting or editing. But if the song can’t be downloaded free, how to get a music clip? Maybe you need to choose a new and easy way like recording with Mascome Audio Recorder.

Mascome Audio Recorder can record the audio from the device or application. It can record real-time the music clip when you enjoy the nice music. You can customize the recording settings and save the recording directly into MP3, AAC files with good quality. Mascome Audio Recorder can also burn the recorded files to MP3 CDs and audio CDs.

Follow the steps to get a music clip by recording from the application.

Step 1: Add Firefox application

Click the Add Application button to open the Applications window and choose the, and click OK to add it.

Step 2: Load Firefox

Click the playbutton to load Firefox. If the application has already launched before Macsome Audio Recorder started, the application need to be restarted.

Step 3: Customize the output format

Select Firefox and click the Inspector button. Then select Recording tab in the Setting window. Click the Output Format drop-down list and select the format For streaming music.

Step 4: Start the recording

Click the stopbutton to start the recording. The app iTunes will show the state Record On unless audio has been detected.

Step 5: Play the music

Select and play a music on one website like MTV. Then Macsome Audio Recorder will show the Firefox starting to record and show the duration / size info when audio has been detected.

Step 6: make a clip

In the recording process, click the split buttonto make a clip and to start a new recording for the next music.

Or Click the stopbutton to finish the recording. And check the recorded file on Record Bin tab.

And you can also add artwork for the output file, preview the output, add outputs to iTunes library and even burn CDs. You can record whatever you are hearing from the Browser or player. Before you download or purchase the music, you can also keep it with Macsome Audio Recorder.

More info about Macsome Audio Recorder, please visit

How to Convert AA/ AAX audiobooks to MP3 on Mac

Generally the audiobooks purchased from iTunes Store are in AA/ AAX format with Audile’s own Digital Right Management (DRM), which prevents owners from disseminating the audiobooks as well as playing the AA/ AAX files on non-Audible Ready compatible players like Creative Zen, Zune, PSP, Sony Walkman, Blackberry, etc. If you want to listen to Audible AA files on any popular portable media player, you need to do is to remove Audible DRM protection and convert AA/ AAX to MP3.

As an all-in-one audio DRM removal, AA converter and audio splitter, Macsome Audiobook Converter can deal with it. With Macsome Audiobook Converter, you can remove DRM from protected Audiobooks and convert AA/ AAX to MP3 with high output quality. Besides, it can also split audiobooks by the duration, the number of segments or chapters. Following the guide below, it is simple to convert AA/ AAX audiobooks to MP3.

Step 1: Select AA/ AAX Audiobooks

Start Macsome Audiobook Converter and the audiobooks files are auto loaded from the iTunes Books library on the list.

Select and check on the AA/ AAX Audiobooks.

Step 2: Set the profile

Click Profile button and select Customized MP3 as the output format in the drop-down list.

Step 3: Start the conversion

Click Convert button to start AA to MP3 audiobooks conversion with the default output path.

After the conversion, you can get the audiobooks without the DRM protection, and even directly transfer the converted MP3 files to portable devices.

Macsome Audiobook Converter can support dragging AA/ AAX audiobooks from your disc or other location to the list with selected. In addition, if you want to split the big audiobooks, just set the splitting method according to your demand. You can also keep the chapters of audiobooks.

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Fast Guide to make unique ringtone for your iPhone

iPhone is so popular, and there are many ringtones for iPhone, have you ever thought of making unique one by yourself?

Macsome Audio Editor ( can produce the ringtone for iPhone by one-click and crop audio, fade in or fade out audio, delete/ copy/ cut/ paste the selected fragment to make the unique ringtone for your iPhone. Only make sure that the time of fragment is not more than 40 seconds, and you can keep your favorite clips and efficient generation m4r unique iPhone ring tones.

Please follow the next step-by-step guide to make your own ringtone for iPhone.

Step 1: Select audio region

Make sure the time of fragment is less than 40 seconds at first.

1. Play one audio file firstly, then click the StartSel button to start the selection. You can also click the StartSel button to restart the selection during the playing at any time.

2. Click the EndSel button to set the end of region selection. And you can pause or stop the playing to end of region selection.

Step 2: Crop audio

Click the Crop button, the selected fragment will be added to the program as a new file.

Step 3: Delete audio

Click Delete button to remove the selected part you do not want. Or you can also delete the part audio by right-click or the menu Edit.

you can copy/ cut/ paste the fragment to make audio free combination by right-click menu.

Step 4: Fade in/ fade out audio

Select a fragment of the audio that is not pasted and click the FadeIn button to make the volume of sound is gradually increasedfrom zero.

Andclick the FadeOut button to make the volume of sound gradually decreas to zero.

Step 4:Create ring tones

With the edited audio, click the Ringtones button to produce the unique ringtones for your iPhone. The m4r ring tones can be saved automatically on desktop. When the time of fragment is more than 40 seconds, the tips window will pops up.

Macsome Audio Editor can also save the entire audio as the iPhone ringtones with no editing when the time of audio is not more than 40 seconds. It is easy and efficient to keep your favorite audio clips and generate your unique iPhone ring tones.

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